Welcome to our Smart & Clever Club for kids in Vienna!

We have organized children smart classes that are not offered in ordinary schools. Our goal is to develop the children in accordance with modern trends in science and life. We offer unique classes for the smartest children such as Coding, Robotics, Photography, Music lessons, Piano, Guitar and foreign languages. We offer your child an opportunity to learn new skills, discover new interests, make new friends and have lots of fun learning. Our large, clean classrooms are well designed and offer well kept equipment and supplies. We work with the children to develop independence and cooperation with others. We teach in German and English.

„I went walking“ von Sue Williams und „Cows in the kitchen“ von June Crebbin – für Anfänger 3+ am 10.06.2021 um 15:00 (ENGLISCH)

I went walking is a simple, funny read-aloud picture book that tracks a crazy-haired boy’s stroll through the countryside. The boy sees a black cat, then a brown horse, then a red cow, and so on, and before he knows it, he’s being trailed by the entire menagerie! "Cows in the kitchen": While Tom Farmer naps in the haystack, his animals take over the farmhouse. There are cows in the kitchen, ducks in the cupboard, hens on the hat stand, pigs in the pantry, and even sheep on the sofa! What will happen when Tom Farmer wakes up?

A Dragon on the Doorstep von Stella Blackstone – für Anfänger ab 3 bis 6 Jahre am 17.06.2021 um 15:00 (ENGLISCH)

Play hide-and-seek with a dragon, a crocodile, a gorilla and all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. The rhyming text explores familiar rooms of the house and encourages imaginative play. Book with CD edition includes song sung by acclaimed children's performer Fred Penner.

The gruffalo´s child von Julia Donaldson – für Anfänger ab 3 bis 6 Jahre am 01.07.2021 um 15:00 (ENGLISCH)

The story is about the Gruffalo's daughter who, despite her father's warning, sets off into the deep dark wood to find the "big bad mouse", the only thing her father is afraid of. The Gruffalo can not remember what he looks like and describes him as a monster. During her winter journey, she encounters the tracks of the snake, the owl, and the fox from the previous story, each of whom she first suspects to be the "big bad mouse", but who in turn tell her where she can find the real "big bad mouse". Eventually, concluding she has been tricked by the animals (and perhaps her father), she sadly decides that she "doesn't believe in the 'big bad mouse".

Walking through the Jungle von Debbie Harter – für Anfänger 3+ am 24.06.2021 um 15:00 (ENGLISCH)

Come for a thrilling walk through the jungle in this jaunty rhyme that's full of fun and surprises. Who knows what you may see or hear? "Walking through the jungle, What do you see? Can you hear a noise? What could it be?" A small child walks, creeps, runs, leaps, swings and, finally, wades through the jungle - hearing animal noises as he goes - in this traditional, everybody-join-in rhyme.