Smart & Clever Kids Club Vienna is growing startup that aims to change the way children learn and understand programming, musik or other creative and smart subjects. Do you have experience in Teaching Engineering, Technology, Chess, Language Courses or Art?

We are constantly looking for like-mined professionals to play an important role in teaching kids.

Are you passionate about all things digital? Are you skilled and knowledgeable programmer? Do you like modern technologies?

Do you desire to share your passion and knowledge with kids by teaching them how to code in fun and inclusive environment? Can you offer somethink interesting for children? Do you want to make our children ready for computational tomorrow? Do you want to create and develop their own projects by working together with the kids?


If your say yes, Smart & Clever Kids Club Vienna  is a right place to work for.  This is a casual job and could be 1 to 5 days a week in the afternoon. One-two hour time frames are regular for many our programs. If you enjoy teaching kids and you are looking for a cool and rewarding part-time position this perhaps is the job for you.


Please, feel free to reach us at any time by Email: